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Coasts and Coastal People - Scenarios of Change and Responses

LOICZ II Inaugural Open Science Meeting

27-29 June 2005, Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands


Setting the stage for research on global environmental change and human dimensions in the coastal zone.


Meeting report

Meeting booklet (includes all abstracts, session and workshop descriptions)


Press releases




Oral and Poster Presentations at the Inaugural OSM

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Monday 27 June

Welcome and Opening

Talaue-McManus, L (USA, LOICZ SSC Chair)

LOICZ II: Shaping keystones for our bridges


Plenary presentations

Young, B (Australia) & Göbel, B (Germany)

Human dimensions and global environmental change.

Herman, P (Netherlands)

Coastal ecology in a changing world: can we provide the answers we promised?


Session 1: Climate change and the coastal zone.

Convenor: Felino Lansigan                                                          Co-convenor: Richard Klein

Klein, R (Germany)

Keynote: A New Assessment of Coastal Vulnerability to Climate Change

Boot, G (Netherlands)

Coastal erosion and sea level rise at the global scal; An assessment of impacts and adaptation

Dingerson, L. (USA)

Predicting future shoreline condition based on land-use change and increased risk associated with climate change

Thomalla, F. (Sweden)

Understanding human vulnerability to coastal hazards and adapting to uncertain futures

Rupp-Armstrong, S (UK)

The future of managed realignment in Northern Europe – a comparative study of southern North sea coastal areas


Session 2: Land-ocean interactions on vulnerable coastal ecosystems (lagoons).

Convenor: Alice Newton                                                               Co-convenor: Nick Murray

Murray, N (Italy)

Keynote: A European point of view. The Water Framework Directive: Integrating Coastal Systems and River Basins.

Mariscal-Romero, J (Mexico)

Environmental problematic in Bahia de navida lagoons: Reflectons to implementation of a CZIM plan

Razinkovas, A (Italy)

Estuarine continuum in a temperate lagoon: spatial and temporal patterns

Hung, JJ (Taiwan)

Biogeochemical Responses to the Removal of Marine Aquaulture Structures from the Eutropic Lagoon (Tapong Bay) in Taiwan

Franco, A (Portugal)

A model for sustainable management of penaeid shrimp fishery - application to Maputo Bay, Mozambique


Session 3: Sediment flux to the coastal zone: climate change, anthropogenic influences and future trends

Convenor: Juan Restrepo                                                           Co-convenor: John Milliman

Milliman, J. (USA)

Keynote: Temporal change in global precipitation and river discharge. Are we seeing long-term change or simply natural oscillations?

Mil-Homens, M (Portugal)

A sequential method approach for sediment quality assessment

Sharma, K (Nepal)

Impacts of Human activities on regionwise budget and oceanward flux of sediment in South Asia

Knoppers, B (Brazil)

The Sao Francisco river basin and oastal zone, East Brazil: Physical and ecological alterations induced by dam construction

Salomons, W (Netherlands)

Soil-Catchment-Coast Continuum: Legacy of the past


Session 4: Biogeochemical budgets

Convenor: Dennis Swaney                                              Co-convenor: Gianmarco Giordani

Giordani, G (Italy)

Keynote: LaguNet, the Italian lagoon observational network: Evaluation of fluxes and derived ecosystem functions in the transition zones along the Italian Coast

Solidoro, C. (Italy)

Applicability of LOICZ derived indexes in complex ecosystem. A multibox analysis for the lagoon of Venice

Friedrich, J (Germany)

Towards nutrient budget scenarios for the north-western Black Sea shelf

Prego, R (Spain)

Land-ocean exchanges and budgeting in a river-estuary-ria-shelf system

Dürr, H (France)

Estimating natural silica fluxes to the coastal zone using a global segmentation

Morozova, O. (Russia)

Nutrient budgets in the artic coastal systems


Session 5: Human coastal communities

Convenor: Bernhard Glaeser                                           Co-convenor: Patricia Gallaugher

Gallaugher, P. (Canada)

Keynote: Why don’t we learn?

Campos, M (Philippines)

Fish for the future: An assessment of fishery conservation policies in the Philippines

Sarwar, G (Sweden)

Coastal fisheries of Bangladesh: how to adapt with sea level rise

Woodrow, M (Canada)

Vulnerability and adaptation in coastal communities: a case study in adaptation on Change Islands, Newfoundland following closure of the cod fishery in 1992

Nguyen Thi, Tram (Vietnam)

Local communities within the Honmun Marine Protected Area must be relevant


Session 6: Science, society and management of coastal zones: Educational aspects

Convenor: Wilhelm Windhorst                                                   Co-convenor: Don Alcock

Alcock, D (Australia)

Keynote: Seven habits of successful science communication programs

Ogodo, O. (Kenya)

Media and environmental protection

Ballinger, R (UK)

Developing capacity building for local planners

Rigg, C. (USA)

Common sense and common ground in marine and terrestrial resource management

Krain, E (Germany)

SPICE, an Indonesian-German research initiative within the frame of land and ocean interactions


Session 19: Climate change and ecological resources

Convenor: Ticky Forbes

Labane, L. (Tunesia)

First assessment of the Tunesian coastline vulnerability to sea level rise

Khattabi, A (Morocco)

Fishing and aquaculture in the socioeconomic context of a coastal Mediterranean lagoon

Rahman, A (Bangladesh)

Challenges to sustainable development of Bangladesh Coastal Zone: An interplay of local, national, regional and global anthropogenic interventions

Del Toro, J (Mexico)

A regional approach for coastal sustainability, ICZM in the western central region of Mexico: building the coastal agenda

McFadden, L (UK)

A new model of wetland loss and sea-level rise

Shumilin, E (Mexico)

Evaluation of anthropogenic impact on coastal marine sediments of heavy metals transported by water streams affected by mining in North-Western Mexico: Semi-deseric Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur and Tropical Marabasco River-the Barra de Navidad Lagoon, Colima

Krishnamoorty, R (India)

Anthropogenic influences on freshwater resources versus Land Use and Cover Change (LUCC) in Southeast India coastal river basins-study based multi-data remote sensing data analysis and GIS application

Yamamuro, M (Japan)

Changes in the use of ecosystem due to the loss of eelgrass bed in estuarine lagoon, Lake Nakaumi, Japan

Guenette, S (Canada)

Insights from ecosystem modelling: the decline of Stellar sea lion in the Gulf of Alaska


Workshop 1: Risk and vulnerability of Coastal Systems due to Climate Change

Convenor: Felino Lansigan                                                      Co-convenor: Frank Thomalla

Keynote: Hinkel, J (Germany) - Methodological issues in coastal vulnerability assessment



Workshop 2: Integrated Coastal Zone Management  and LOICZ – Current status

Convenor: Peter Burbridge                                                    Co-convenor: Ben Malayang III

Keynote: Harvey, N. (Australia) - Global Change Implications for Asia-Pacific Coastal Management


Workshop 3: Coastal Biogeochemical and Ecological models

Convenor: John Parslow                                                       Co-convenor: Jack Middelburg


Workshop 4: Raising awareness and ownership of coastal management initiatives

Convenor, Jeremy Hills                                                                Co-convenor: Don Alcock

Keynote: Radford, T. (UK) – Media and environmental protection


Tuesday 28 June

Plenary presentations

Harrison, P (Canada)

Managing Canada’s oceans and coasts: A framework and an emerging plan

van Beusekom, J (Germany)

Interaction between eutrophication and suspended matter dynamics of a shallow coastal sea


Session 7: Geohazards, ground water and risk.

Convenor: Nalin Wikramanayake                                            Co-convenor: Evgeny Kontar

Kontar, E (Russia)

Keynote: The Southeast Asia Tsunami Disaster Aftermath: Development of New Approaches to Coastal Zone Hazard Observation and Warning Systems

Rapaglia, J. (USA)

Measurements of submarine groundwater discharge and associated contaminants into the Venice lagoon, Italy

Demetriades, N (South Africa)

The Mkomazi estuary: Human effects, freshwater and an oligotrophic coast in south-east Africa

Gomez-Gesteira, M (Spain)

Human induced bloom generated by Mino River intrusion in a Galician Ria Baixa (NW Iberian Peninsula)

Narayanan, K (India)

Climate change and vulnerability: evidence from Indian coastal waters

McLean, R. (Australia)

Vulnerability of coastal systems: comparative analyses of three atoll island states: Tuvalu, Kiribati and the Maldives


Session 8: Ecosystems, land and sea use (Deltas).

Convenor: Yoshiki Saito                                                            Co-convenor: James Syvitski

Syvitski, J. (USA)

Keynote: The Impact of Humans on the Flux of Terrestrial Sediment to the Coastal Ocean on a Global basis: Long-term Averages and Seasonal Variability

Anagnostou, C. (Greece)

Management of deltaic systems-The need to trace new ways of thinking Case study: Deltaic systems of the Hellenic peninsula

Rabouille, C. (France)

The fate of the Rhone river delivery to the coastal ocean: the need of benthic observatories within RiOMar

Radakovitch, O. (France)

Heavy metal inputs from rivers and their deposits at the scale of a continental shelf: the Gulf of Lions

Cheong, S (USA/Korea)

The river basin and coast as single system


Session 9: Coastal waters ecohydrology: from the mountains to the coast

Convenor: Laura David                                                                Co-convenor: Eric Wolanski

Wolanski, E (Australia)

Keynote: Estuarine and Coastal Zone Ecohydrology

Stevens, V. (South Africa)

The threat and cascade method of estuarine health assessment- a logical sequence from impact to biological degradation via system physics and chemistry

Loeser, N (Germany)

River-basin - coast interactions: The Oder (Odra) case study

Schernewski, G (Germany)

Implementation of the European water framework directive in the Baltic region: a river-basin - coastal sea approach

Mwaipopo, R. (Tanzania)

People, society and natural resource management: Understanding the implications of societal dynamics on the coastal environment

Monteiro, P. (South Africa)

Optimizing development needs at the River Basin-Coastal Ecosystem Scale: the Catchment2Coast Case Study in the Incomati-Maputo Bay System


Session 10: Application of remote sensing for coastal area management

Convenor: Goetz Floser/Weigen Huang                               Co-convenor: Paul DiGiacomo

DiGiacomo, P (USA)

Keynote: Present status and future directions for remote sensing contributions to integrated coastal observing systems

Vander Woude, A (USA)

Chlorophyll and sea surface temperature time scales for global oceans and nearshore retentive embayments off California

Ferrari, S (Italy)

Applications of remote sensing in the study of tidal environment ecogeomorphology

Salisbury, J (USA)

Contrasting inherent optical properties and inferred carbon metabolism between five north-eastern (USA) estuary-plume systems

Szlafsztein, C (Brazil)

Vulnerability assessment to coastal natural hazards in Amazon Region (Brazil) using GIS


Session 11: Integrated assessment of coastal change and management: socio-economic modelling and future scenarios

Convenor: Kerry Turner                                                            Co-convenor: Robert Nicholls

Nicholls, R. (UK)

Keynote: An Integrated Assessment of Erosion and Flooding in North-East Norfolk, England

Prasad, M. (India)

Status of quality of coastal environment in India - a review

Alder, J. (Canada)

Value Trade-Offs of US Marine Habitats

Nunneri, C (Germany)

Managing on-site activities for achieving off-site environmental effects

Zessner, M (Austria)

Limits of cost-efficiency based nutrient management for river basins

Pongthanapanich, T. (Denmark)

An optimal corrective tax for Thai Schrimp Farming


Session 12: Highlights of Dutch coastal zone research

Convenor: Hans de Boois                                                            Co-convenor: Carlo Heip

Heip, C. (Netherlands)

Keynote: History and Ecology of the Western Scheldt Estuary

Hoekstra, P. (Netherlands)

Sediment transport, tidal flats, sand waves, shoreline bars

Sinninghe Damste, J. (Netherlands)

Archaeal nitrification in the North Sea

Laanbroek, R. (Netherlands)

Molecular ecology of ammonia-oxidising bacteria in the Scheldt estuary: Governing forces

Lindeboom, H. (Netherlands)

Resources and risks: mining, fisheries, flood risks

van Kouwen, F. (Netherlands)

A characterisation of Decision Support Systems for Integrated Coastal Zone Management


Session 20: Nutrients, sediments and budgets

Convenor: M Snoussi

Nitishinsky, M (Russia)

Carbon and nutrient fluxes in the arctic shelf

De Carlo (Honolulu)

Combined use of a coral reef instrumental platform (CRIMP) and synoptic water column sampling to characterize temporally and spatially the biogeochemical response of Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii to storm runoff input

Dedieu, K (France)

Coupling of carbon, oxygen and nitrogen cycles in sediments from a Mediterranean lagoon

Harcourt Baldwin, J-L (South Africa)

3D-numerical modelling of the hydrodynamics in a tidally energetic tropical embayment

Ruggieri, N (Italy)

Water and Nutrients Budget in a Semi-enclosed area of the coastal Ligurian Sea: the Port of Genoa

Kavalkli, Z (Greece)

An integrated coastal zone management approach based on scenario development and LOICZ budget analysis: application to a coastal ecosystem in the Aegean, Eastern Mediterranean

Bendell-Young, L (Canada)

Towards a sustainable shellfish industry; understanding the importance of upland sources of nitrogen to the geochemical cycling of nitrogen within the foreshore.

Radjawane, I.M (Indonesia)

On the study of simulated nutrient budget in Lampung Bay, Indonesia: Using coupled hydrodynamic-ecosystem model

Vinzon, S (Brazil)

Fine Sediment Retention in Estuaries in Amazon Estuary

Klaasen, W (Netherlands)

High CO2 fluxes from the air into a tidal flat area


Workshop 5: Issues in scale of bridging the natural and social sciences

Convenor: Alison Gilbert                                                              Co-convenor: Jan Vermaat


Workshop 6: Conceptual synthesis of global coastal environments

Convenor: Bill Dennison                                                               Co-convenor: Don Alcock


Workshop 7: Integrating Socio-economic variables in mapping and modelling material deliveries from catchment to coast

Convenor: Liana McManus                                                         Co-convenor: Deborah Balk

Case study report: Krause, G. (Germany) - Social-ecological system analysis for ICM support: A Mangrove Ecosystem in North Brazil


Workshop 8: Marine Protected Areas – a management tool for ICZM?

Convenor: Jackie Alder                                                             Co-convenor: Ron Johnstone

Wednesday 29 June

Plenary presentations

Bunn, S (Australia)

Making the connection between healthy waterways and healthy catchments

Olsen, S (USA)

Ecosystem-based knowledge for coastal governance


Session 13: Coastal assessments.

Convenor: Laurence Mee                                          Co-convenor: Veerle van der Weerd

Adriaanse, M. (Netherlands)

Keynote: Coastal assessments – information to guide developments

Kannen, A. (Germany)

Changing human demands in marine areas: Implications for governance and use of integrated assessment concepts

Rullkoetter, J (Germany)

Interdisciplinary assessment of fundamental driving forces and transformation processes in a tidal basin, southern North Sea

Fernandez-Ramos, V (Uraguay)

GIS techniques for coastal habitats conservation in the Rio de la Plata

Taljaard, S (South Africa)

A proposed framework for managing (land-based) marine pollution sources in the BCLME region


Session 14: Urbanisation.

Convenor: Michel Meybeck                                                         Co-convenor: Frauke Kraas

Kraas, F. (Germany)


Acma, B. (Turkey)

Promoting sustainable human settlements and eco-city planning approach: Southeastern Anatolia Region and Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) in Turkey as a case syudy

Sharaf El Din, S (Egypt)

Impact of the extension of Alexandria coastal road on the transformation of material of the nearshore marine environment

Xu, X. (China)

Land use conflicts and coordination in fast urbanized coastal zones

Perissinotto, R (South Africa)

Effects of sewage water disposal on the bio-physical dynamics of a South African temporarily open/closed estuary

Zanchettin, D. (Italy)

New perspectives for the future of Venice


Session 15: Nutrient flux to the coastal zone: trends and implications

Convenor: Nancy Rabalais                                                       Co-convenor: Sybil Seitzinger

Seitzinger, S. (USA)

Keynote: Global scale patterns of nutrient transport from watersheds to coastal systems: amount, forms and sources

Liu, S (China)

The effects of Changjiang transport on nutrient dynamics in the Yellow and East China Seas in summer

Laane, R. (Netherlands)

Anthropogenic influences of enhanced nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations in the Rhine Catchment and the Dutch Coastal zone

Lampert, C (Austria)

Integrated assessment of the nutrient management in the Danube Basin

Staneva, J. (Germany)

Response of the Northwestern Black Sea shelf ecosystem to nutrient load and climate change

Jennings, M (South Africa)

Anthropogenic influence on estuarine derived nutrient dispersal in the nearshore off two permanently open South African estuaries with contrasting freshwater inflow


Session 16: Shelf processes and the Earth System (joint session with IMBER & SOLAS)

Convenor: Helmuth Thomas                       Co-convenor: Dileep Kumar/Jack Middleburg

Kumar, D. (India) & Middleburg, J. (Netherlands)

Keynote: Shelf processes: LOICZ-SOLAS-IMBER interactions

Liu, K (China)

The fates of terrigenous organic carbon and absorbed atmospheric CO2 in the East China Sea

Boski, T. (Portugal)

Varying sea levels – a possible clue for varying atmospheric CO2 levels?

Ramesh, R. (India)

Tsunami impact on water and trace gas flux in South India

Madron, X. (France)

Natural and anthropogenic forcings on particulate matter budgets in coastal zone: Role of the re-suspension by storms and trawling

Da Cunha, C. (Germany)

Regional impact of rivers on continental shelf biogeochemistry


Session 17: Coastal ecosystem governance

Convenor: Stephen Olsen                                                     Co-convenor: Alejandro Robles

Robles, A (USA)

Keynote: Latin-American and Caribbean leadership network for collective action and learning on coastal ecosystems: Gulf of California case study

Belfiore S (Italy)

Measuring the Progress and Outcomes of Integrated Coastal Management Initiatives:  Toward a Common Framework

Gault, J (Ireland)

From science to policy: Experiences of the COREPOINT project

Rafiqul-Islam, M (Bangladesh)

Institutionalization of ICZM at national level: Bangladesh experience

Osthorst, W (Germany)

ICZM as instrument of regional governance - between spatial planning and extended participation

Pickaver, A (Netherlands)

An indicator set to measure the progress in the implementation of integrated coastal zone management in Europe


Session 18: Coastal typologies and datasets

Convenor: Dennis Swaney                                                    Co-convenor: Bob Buddemeier

Buddemeier, B (USA)

Keynote: Typology: Tools for Integration and Analysis

Vafeidis, A (Greece)

Data requirements for global-scale coastal vulnerability analysis and the DINAS-COAST database

Colijn, F (Germany)

FerryBox - an observational system for the assessment of the coastal and shelf sea ecosystem

Jaganthan, R. (India)

GIS based vulnerability mapping and coastal zone management: A case of part of Tamil Nadu coast, India

Hinkel, J. (Germany)

The development of the DIVA tool for assessing coastal vulnerability

Maxwell, B. (USA)

Web-based tools for typology development and data mining


Session 21: Managing the coastal zone

Convenor: Eva Roth

Vodden, K (Canada)

Watershed-coastal interactions: building and supporting institutions for positive change

Dinelli, E (Italy)

Sediment-biota interactions in a polluted coastal lagoon (Piallassa Baiona, northern Italy): integrated geochemical and biological investigations

Burkhard, B (Germany)

Use of a virtual centre of competence as a management, information and education tool in coastal zones

Gee, K (Germany)

National ICZM strategies in Germany: challenges to the spatial planning approach

Moya, B. (Cuba)

Hicacos peninsula, a costal territory, with urban and no urban space face to future changes

Ostrovskaya, E (Russia)

Ecological zoning of the Northern Caspian

Fontalvo-Herazo (Germany)

Method for the design of a participative indicator system as a tool for integrated coastal local management, Braganca peninsula-North Brazil

Lengyel, P. (Romania)

Electronic networking on Black Sea conservation issues in Romania

Lechuga-Deveze, C.H. (Mexico)

Using LOICZ biogeochemical modelling to achieve federal environmental regulations for shrimp aquaculture on the Sinaloa coast of Mexico


Workshop 9: Coastal Assessments

Convenor: Laurence Mee                                                     Co-convenor: Martin Adriaanse


Workshop 10: Gauging Progress In Coastal Governance

Convenor: Stephen Olsen                                                       Co-convenor: Peter Burbridge


Workshop 11: From river to coast: Collaboration between GWSP and LOICZ

Convenor: Liana McManus & Joe Alcamo

Co-convenor: Nancy Rabalais & Eric Craswell


 Workshop 12: Implementation, Integration, and Participation:  Strategies for LOICZ II

Convenor:  Bob Buddemeier                          Co-convenor: Bruce Maxwell

Keynote: Dürr, H (France) - Towards a classification of coastal ribbon lithology using a new global database

Poster presentations

Poster author and titles

Al-Rousan, S (Jordan)

Invasion of anthropogenic CO2 recorded in stable isotopes of planktonic foraminifera from the northern Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea

Araki, R (Brazil)

Precipitation events associated with landslides in the tropics-Guaruja City, and example of Brazil

Aulinger, A. (Germany)

Deposition of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons emitted from ship engines into the North Sea

Bock, S. (Germany)

Internet tools for coastal issues: A project database

Brewer, DT

Impacts of gold mine waste disposal on the sustainability of deep water fish in a pristine tropical oceanic system

Brogueira, M.J. (Portugal)

Environmental variables shaping phytoplankton structure in Tagus estuary

Buddemeier, R. (USA)

Examples and achievements of typological applications

Cinnirella, S. (Italy)

Water bodies characterization through GIS for complying the WQOs as established in the WFD

Craswell, E. (Germany)

The Global Water System Project

Darracq, A. (Sweden)

Advective travel time variability in stream networks

De Souza, W.F.L. (Brazil)

Biogeochemistry of N,P and Si fluxes to the East Brazil coastal zone. A tropical reservoir functioning or multiple impact scenario

Dennis, DM (Australia)

How does gold mine waste disposal affect shallow coral reef fishes and habitats at Lihir Is, Paua New Guinea?

Ekau, W. (Germany)

IOI - OceanLearn; The Training and Education Programme of the International Ocean Institute

.Fry, G (Australia)

Impacts of gold mine waste disposal on the sustainability of deep slope fish communities in a pristine tropical oceanic system

Glaser, M. (Germany)

“The Social” in ecosystem research: pitfalls and potentials

Gordon, C (Ghana)

The Centre for African Wetlands

Gonzalez-Mirelis, G. (Spain)

Land meets ocean: the compilation of a GIS database for linking nutrient loading data with catchment area information

Hilton, M. (New Zealand)

The redistribution of Coastal Dune Plants-A Global Issue

Huthnance, J (UK)

Process contributions to shelf-ocean exchange

Jayawardena, U. (Sri Lanka)

Effects of the Tsunami to the human society due to the negligent of the Coastal Zone of Sri Lanka

Jedrzejczak, M. (Poland)

Bridging biodiversity and tourism towards sustainable development of sandy beaches

Jinadasa, S. (Sri Lanka)

Geo-morphological influences to protect the hazard ness of tsunami waves at coastal belt of Yala, Sri Lanka

Llorenz, J.L.P. (Spain)

The use of phytoplankton and macrophytobenthos as potential quality elements in coastal waters of Ageciras Bay and surrounding areas

Mensah, A. (Ghana)

The influence of land use activities on nutrient and sediment loading into upland catchment streams of Ghana

Mhammdi, N. (Morocco)

'Natural' and 'Anthropogenic' vulnerability of the coastal zones of Morocco- A preliminary integrated analysis

Milton, D (Australia)

Heavy metal uptake by coral reef fish at Lihir Is, Papua New Guinea: relative importance of gold mine wastes and natural sources of heavy metals

Monteiro, P. (South Africa)

The biogeochemical linkage that governs the dependency of mangrove new production fluxes and food web responses to river boundary characteristics: Catchment2Coast Programme study in Maputo Bay, Mozambique

Newton, A. (Portugal)

The LOICZ Erasmus Mundus joint master in water and coastal management

Nogueira, M (Portugal)

Estuarine processes involving organic carbon at different tide conditions

Nguyen Thi, K.A. (Vietnam)

The situation of coastal fishery resources in Vietnam and some proposed solutions

Nunes, L. (Brazil)

Environmental problems in the coast of Southeastern Brazil: determinants and impacts

Perillo, G. (Argentina)

Shallow ponds as sediment and nutrient retainers, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

Rabalais, N (USA)

Euthrophication adjacent to the Mississippi river plume

Rebelo, L.P. (Portugal)

Troia peninsula evolution: Foredunes as an accretion/erosion indicator

Rachold, V. (Germany)

Arctic Coastal Processes

Shaghude, Y. (Tanzania)

The present and anticipated river basin and coastal impacts of water abstraction along the Rufiji river catchment, Tanzania

Spagnoli, F. (Italy)

Organic matter cycling in sediments of gulf of Manfredonia, Southern Adriatic Sea

Thomas, H. (Canada)

Enhanced open ocean storage of CO2 from shelf sea pumping

Viaroli, P. (Italy)

Identification of monitoring criteria for transitional waters

Vorlauf, M. (Germany)

Internet tools for coastal issues: Awareness rising and education

Weragala, N. (Sri Lanka)

Definition of a Tsunami safe boundary for Sri Lanka: A case study in the coastal zone of Galle, Matara and Hambantota districts

Yawson, S.K. (Ghana)

Gender, Environmental Management and the Quality of Water in the Sakumo Catchment