Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone



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Joint LOICZ – Institute for Coastal Research Conference

14 June 2006, GKSS-Geesthacht, Germany


Linkages between German Coastal Research and LOICZ


Conference report

Programme, abstracts and participants list

Working groups and background documents



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A. Moll, Ifm Hamburg

Review of three-dimensional ecological modeling of the

North Sea shelf system


G. Liebezeit, Terramare Wilhelmshaven & K. Wirtz, GKSS Geesthacht

Research Group „BioGeoChemistry of Tidal Flats“

Inorganic Nutrients – Inputs, Outputs and Budgets


H.-J. Brumsack, ICBM Oldenburg

Research Group “BioGeoChemistry of Tidal Flats”:

Some thoughts about the coastal “bioreactor”


P. Overduin, AWI Potsdam

Arctic Coastal Dynamics


F. Colijn, GKSS Geesthacht

Automated Measuring System for Monitoring of Coastal Waters:

Synthesis of results of the EU funded FerryBox project


R. Doerffer, GKSS Geesthacht

Application of Envisatdata for coastal areas


F. Buchholz, AWI Helgoland

Long-Term Ecological Research at the North Sea islands of

Helgoland and Sylt


R. Asmus, AWI List

Coastal Perspective from polar to tropical regions


G. Schernewski, IOW Warnemünde

Implications of climate, ecomomic and social changes for

the Oder/Odra estuary


H. Sterr, Uni Kiel

Sea-level Rise and Coasts at Risk


R. Weisse, GKSS Geesthacht

Wind waves & storm surges: Recent and potential future changes


B. von Bodungen, IOW Warnemünde

Coastal – Ocean system approach within the

Baltic Sea Research Institute Warnemünde


K. Emeis, Uni Hamburg

The nitrogen cycle in the Elbe River-North Sea System:

Present and Past


M. Glaser, ZMT Bremen

A transdisciplinary approach to sustainable coastal management

in North Brazil


A. Kannen, FTZ Büsum

Sea use change in the German North Sea: Assessment and

implications for planning and management


D. Bray, GKSS Geesthacht

Coastal M&Ms: Putting Coastal Research into ICZM