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A typological clustering tool for geospatial data. The Deluxe Integrated System for Clustering Operations (DISCO) is a web-based graphical user interface to a set of data analysis tools. These tools are intended to facilitate analysis and understanding of trends and groupings that exist in a spatially indexed data set. Access to DISCO. New Link!


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Web-LoiczView [WLV] is an earlier version of the web-based geospatial clustering tool that developed into DISCO. Although fundamentally similar, the two tools have different capabilities in detail. Overview of LOICZView. New Link!


Tools for use in Coastal Zone Research

Mosaic links to Research Tools:

  • ArcExplorer
  • BSIM modelling software
  • Generic Mapping Tools (GMT)
  • Geo-GUIDE and Geo-STORM GIS application products
  • Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) ArcView 1.0
  • OCEANPC data management tool
  • STELLA modelling software



One of the Core Projects of the first phase of LOICZ was the development of a coastal typology. A half-degree database and the clustering tools listed above were developed in support of this objective. The typology database is served through the Biogeography of the Hexacorallia website (Environmental database). An earlier Typology data Set, at one degree resolution and with fewer variables, can be used in a GIS or Data Base Program and can be downloaded from the LOICZ website.


Biogeochemical Budget Models

Understanding material fluxes through the coastal zone is fundamental to LOICZ. The development of budget models for C, N, P across a spread of global sites is a major initiative and can be accessed through the Biogeochemical Budget site, and are also available in database form from the global typology website