Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone



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LOICZ Research Projects and Activities


LOICZ undertakes research that addresses key issues of coastal change and use, in the context of scenarios of future human activity and environmental change. LOICZ promotes fundamental coastal zone research as well as research that synthesises and up-scales results for dissemination within the scientific community, and outreach to policy makers and the public. This research is carried out in LOICZ core projects and LOICZ affiliated projects.


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Exchange platform

LOICZ supports SCOR Working Groups that contribute to the aims of LOICZ. One of them is SCOR WG 128 on Natural and Human-Induced Hypoxia and Consequences for Coastal Areas.

To ease the collaboration of the group members that are spread all over the world, LOICZ provides a password protected area for document exchange and online discussions:



Core projects

LOICZ core projects result from the research themes and priority topics and directly address the goals stated in the Science Plan and Implementation Strategy (SPIS). They are coordinated by the IPO, Regional Nodes and/or SSC members.

Affiliated projects

LOICZ affiliated projects contribute significantly to the LOICZ synthesis and the up and down-scaling of results. They are coordinated by members of the LOICZ community and are associated to at least one of the research themes and/or priority topics wherein their outputs and outcomes help developing:

-          methodologies or models that allow data assimilation, processing and synthesis, including up and/or down-scaling;

-          scenarios of change and/or response to change in socio-ecological systems;

-          scientific context for the evaluation of existing policies and structures;

-          globally applicable tools for scientific synthesis, decision support and structure development; and

-          dissemination interfaces to provide information and assist sustainable coastal development on appropriate scales.

Requirements for affiliated projects

LOICZ seeks to expand its network of scientists by endorsing research activities fitting its portfolio. To apply for endorsement by LOICZ and hence to receive the benefits associated with affiliation to LOICZ a completed from has to be submitted to the LOICZ IPO. This form is available in the project database and accessible for all registered user.