Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone



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The LOICZ project is a broad and diverse community of individuals and organizations who have an interest in the contribution that science can make to the sustainable management of the coastal zone. We welcome and encourage you to become involved in LOICZ either by affiliating your research to LOICZ, submitting articles to our Newsletter and/or suggesting meetings and workshops that the LOICZ community would be interested in.


To ensure that valuable data collected by researchers are properly and effectively utilized, the LOICZ community is asked to apply the LOICZ Data Policy in their daily work. The LOICZ Data Policy is intended to support the long-term success of the project as requested by the parent programmes IHDP and IGBP, who are both involved in the joint initiative Earth System Science Partnership (ESSP).


LOICZ Projects - We strongly encourage the submission of project descriptions for initiatives that could be accepted as LOICZ research, based on their relevance to LOICZ research goals described in the Science Plan and Implementation Strategy. In particular, submissions from projects that include human dimensions and thus interdisciplinary scientific teams are sought.


The LOICZ Newsletter LOICZ INPRINT is produced to provide news and information about LOICZ and related activities. As well as science articles it includes reports on meetings and workshops as well as a calendar of future meetings and workshops. If you want to submit a scientific article for review and publication in LOICZ INPRINT, please follow these requirements.


If you would like to submit notification of an up-coming meeting/workshop for circulation to the LOICZ community and inclusion in the LOICZ newsletter and on our website, or have a suggestion for a workshop then please contact the .


If you would like to join our electronic mailing list to be kept informed about LOICZ activity and events then please register with the LOICZ project and contact database and indicate which topics you are interested in.