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Upcoming meetings, workshops, conferences and summer schools in 2008 - 2010





START {global change SysTem for Analysis, Research, and Training}

Announcement of Opportunity Institute on “The Asian Monsoon System: Prediction of Change and Variability



Deadline for receipt of applications is 1 August 2007
Welcome to START

2 - 12 January

Honolulu, Hawaii

International Conference on Deltas
Deltaic Gateways: Linking Source to Sink.
Asian Delta Web Page
 Yoshi Saito's Web Page

6 - 13 January

Dhaka, Bangladesh

9. Conference of Meteorology-Climatology and Atmospheric Physics
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28 - 31 January

Thessaloniki, Greece

4th IGBP Congress, “Sustainable Livelyhoods in a Changing Earth System”

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5 – 9 May

Cape Town, South Africa

International Symposium on the Effects of Climate Chance on the Worlds Oceans

In addition to the Plenary and Theme Sessions, several workshops will be convened in conjunction with the symposium

Workshops Program 

Abstracts: January 15, 2008


Financial support: January 15, 2008


Registration reduced fee: February 15, 2008

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19 – 23 May

Gijon, Spain

UNESCO-ERCE Floodplain Ecohydrology Conference 2008

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19 - 23 May

Lodz, Poland

A Symposium on Eastern boundary upwelling ecosystems:
 integrative and comparative approaches
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2 - 6 June

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Coping with Global Change in marine-social ecological system
A Symposium on Coping with global change in marine socio-ecological systems will be held.

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 8 - 11 July

Rome, Italy

33rd International Geological Congress

5 -14 August

Oslo, Norway

6th International Conference on Asian Marine Geology
Call for Sessions
Deadline of abstract submission: May 1st, 2008 (planned) 

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29 August – September 1st

Kochi, Japan

31st International Conference on Coastal Engineering (ICCE 2008)
Deadline for submission of proposals: 15 July 2007

31 August - 5 September

Hamburg, Germany

XIIIth World Water Congress:
"Global Change and Water Resources - confronting the expanding and diversifying pressures"

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1-4 September

Montpellier, France

7th International Conference on Tidal Environments (Tidalite 2008)
Sept 16-21: Pre-excursion (China coasts)
Sept 25-26: Post-excursion, Qingdao, China
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21 - 24 September

Qingdao, China

ICES/NAFO symposium on The Role of Marine Mammals in the Ecosystem
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29 September – 1st October

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

ECSA 44 – Science and Management of Estuaries and Coasts:
A Tale of two Hemispheres, 2008   
Deadline for Abstract submission: May 20, 2008
Deadline for early full registration: May 20, 2008

29 September – 3 October

Bahia Blanca, Argentina

Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World

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6 – 8 October


IHDP 7th Open Meeting, "Social Challenges of Global Change"
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16 – 19 October

New Delhi, India

EMECS 8 International Conference
on Harmonizing River Catchment and Estuary

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27 – 30 October

Shanghai, China

International Conference on Deltas (China venue)
5th Annual Meeting of IGCP-475 DeltaMAP, Shanghai and Qingdao
In conjunction with EMECS-8 in Shanghai
Excursions to the Yangtze Delta, Old-Yellow River Delta, Modern Yellow River Delta

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27 October – 3rd November

Shanghai, China

ESF Research Conferences 2008 Call for proposals

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World Conference on Marine Biodiversity

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11 – 15 November

Valencia, Spain




An ICES Symposium on issues confronting the deep oceans 
will be held in the Azores in April 2009.
 The prime focus will be on the North Atlantic (ICES + NAFO Areas) 
but relevant contributions from elsewhere will be included.

April 2009


An ICES Symposium on Rebuilding Depleted Fish Stocks - Biology,
Ecology, Social Science and Management Strategies 
will be held during the autumn 2009 at Hamburg (Germany) 
with Cornelius Hammer (Germany), Olav Kjesbu (Norway) and 
Peter Shelton (Canada) as Conveners.

Autumn 2009

Hamburg, Germany




An ICES Symposium on the Collection and Interpretation of Fishery
Dependent Data 
will be held during the summer 2010, in Galway, Ireland 
with N. Graham (Ireland), K. Nedreaas (Norway), and W.Karp (USA) 
as Conveners.  

Summer 2010

Galway, Ireland

An ICES/NASCO /NPAFC Symposium on Marine Mortality of Salmon
will be held in October 2010 in Europe with Niall Ó Maoiléidigh (ICES),
Malcolm Windsor (NASCO), and Jim Irvine (NPAFC) as Conveners.

October 2010




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