Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone



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Reports and Studies series

The Reports and Studies Series includes scientific reviews of LOICZ science, guidelines, datasets and scientific planning documents such as the typology.
A complete list of all the R & S publications are available on the website as PDF files. It is also possible to request hard copies (as long as stocks last) by sending an e-mail to the LOICZ IPO.



To keep researchers and others informed on developments within LOICZ, the IPO produces a newsletter-LOICZ INPRINT. If you wish to subscribe to this newsletter please send an e-mail to the LOICZ IPO and indicate how you wish to receive the newsletter by choosing one of the following options:

  1. As a hard copy
  2. By receiving an e-mail alert when the newsletter is available on the website
  3. By receiving the newsletter as a PDF attachment



UNEP/GEF-LOICZ The role of the coastal ocean in the disturbed and undisturbed nutrient and carbon cycles - A management perspective


The IGBP series - Coastal fluxes in the Anthropocene - A synthesis of LOICZ research


Meeting Reports

The Meeting Reports Series is primarily for participating scientists and serves as a record of discussion and decisions on which the project management is based. These are technical reports and are generally of less scientific interest.


Annual Report

LOICZ publishes an Annual Report each year for general reference to activities, accomplishments and progress.


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