LOICZ Scientific Steering Committee

The Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) provides guidance to the Chair on project planning, development and implementation. The sponsoring programs nominate SSC members based on the recommendations of the SSC, and the SSC appoints two Vice-Chairs, one liaising IGBP and one representing IHDP.

The primary functions of the SSC are to:

  • guide and oversee project development, planning and implementation;
  • provide, on request, scientific advice and assistance to Global Change National Committees and to committees of ESSP projects, for use in national/regional research planning that is likely to contribute to the LOICZ goals;
  • encourage national governments and regional and international funding agencies to support research that contributes to meeting the LOICZ goals;
  • encourage collaboration between LOICZ, the Earth System Science Partnership (ESSP) and international programs and agencies concerned with global change in the coastal zone; and
  • recommend to the Scientific Committees of IGBP and IHDP any amendments to these terms of reference as may prove necessary from time to time.
Name Surname Function Phone
+49 (0)4152 87-
+49 (0)4152 87-
Dennison William C.   More details
Forbes Anthony   More details
Gilbert Alison   More details
Glaeser Bernhard   6336 More details
Glaser Marion   More details
Lansigan Felino P.   More details
Mee Laurence David   More details
Newton Alice   More details
Olsen Stephen   More details
Pacyna Jozef M.   63898000 More details
Rabalais Nancy N.   More details
Ramachandran Ramesh   More details
Restrepo Juan D.   More details
Roth Eva   More details
Saito Yoshiki   More details
Swaney Dennis   More details
Weigen Huang   More details
Wolanski Eric   47534444 More details

Report Priority Topic 1: XVI International Conference of the Society for Human Ecology (SHE)

INPRINT 2008/2

IHDP announces new venue and date


7th International Science Conference on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change (Open Meeting), "Social Challenges of Global Change", originally scheduled for 15-19 October 2008, will take place from April 26-30 2009 in Bonn, Germany

LOICZ supports Kids University (Kinder Uni) in Backnang, Germany