Dennis Swaney

Dennis Peter Swaney - Cornell University

Dennis Swaney is a mathematical modeler of environmental systems at Cornell University in the Dept of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Most recently, he is working in the area of nutrient transport through watersheds to the coast and ecological responses of coastal ecosystems to climate and land use changes. Dennis began his involvement with LOICZ in 1997 while working in the Dept of Systems Ecology at Stockholm University with Fred Wulff on developing biogeochemical budgets of coastal systems in the Baltic and elsewhere.

He continues to work with new applications of biogeochemical budgets, budget methodologies, and the development of quantitative methods to evaluate human impacts on coastal systems and their watersheds.

On the SSC, Dennis is currently the Priority Topic Two leader ("What are the effects of changes to the flow of freshwater and materials to estuaries and shelf seas?”) and a member of the executive committee.

We welcome Alice Newton as the new Chair of LOICZ.

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