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13.10.2008 XVII Malente Symposium

Interview Hartwig Kremer - 24. Internationales Symposium in Lübeck zum Küstenschutz

" More than Water - Oceans and Global Responsibility" in cooperations with the ZEIT Foundation, Hamburg, and the Cluster of Excellence "The Future Ocean", Kiel Marine Sciences. Lübeck, October 12 to 14,2008

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Sonntag, 3. August 2008

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We welcome Alice Newton as the new Chair of LOICZ.

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IHDP announces new venue and date


7th International Science Conference on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change (Open Meeting), "Social Challenges of Global Change", originally scheduled for 15-19 October 2008, will take place from April 26-30 2009 in Bonn, Germany