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LOICZ continuously produces research results and knowledge products. They are communicated and disseminated through workshops and capacity building efforts most of which result in the publication of the Reports and Studies Series. In addition, developments within LOICZ are published in the LOICZ Newsletter INPRINT and multi-annual reports for general reference to activities, accomplishments and progress.

Scientists involved in LOICZ also publish their results in a wide range of peer-reviewed scientific journals, conference proceedings and manuals. The LOICZ IPO provides and maintains an interactive database and search engine for affiliated projects which enables world wide exposure and promotion of individual projects and scientific activities.

The website is under continued development to feature and invite scientific highlights from the global scientific community.
Models are tools that help conceptualize, integrate, and generalize knowledge in coastal systems. They also allow hind-casting and to some extend prediction of future ecosystem features. Particularly challenging are the recent efforts to develop social-ecological system assessment and modeling approaches. The resulting set of models and tools that derived from LOICZ activities are being promoted for wider application. They can be found back in various national, regional and international assessments and as part of LOICZ they are further developed into educational and training modules for different audiences.
LOICZ anticipates an extending set of guidelines for model application, statistical classification of coasts and data clustering (“typology approach” which literally means the study of types where things are classified and made comparable according to their characteristics) as well as scenario development to be provided in the near future. Methods for effective science dissemination and transfer of scientific results into products tailored also for use in non-scientific audiences is anticipated.
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