Recommended: Water in the Anthropocene data visualization


A new data visualization, produced by IGBP and Globaia, charts how the global water cycle is changing as a result of human pressure. The three-minute film was commissioned by the Global Water System Project (GWSP) for its 2013 open science conference, Water in the Anthropocene, held in Bonn.

Follow the link to the vimeo website and view the film:

Film: Water in the Anthropocene data visualization

LOICZ affiliated Project: SPICE (Science for the Protection of Coastal Marine Ecosystems) presents:

SPICE Film: “Sangkarang, people by the sea”, year of production 2009, 20 min.

Sangkarang, people by the sea (Copyright: ZMT, Bremen) Sangkarang, people by the sea (Copyright: ZMT, Bremen)

Indonesia, South Sulawesi, Spermonde Archipelago.

Documentary about a joint research excursion of Indonesian and German scientists to four islands of the Spermonde archipelago of coral reef fringed islands.
The excursion analyses coastal social-ecological change in Indonesia. The participating researchers of the SPICE program focus on fishing practices, environmental degradation, local livelihoods and options for the future. The major question is how to ensure a sustainable future for coastal ecosystems and the people who depend on them.

watch the film here:

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nternational Waters Science article on 'Improving science and policy in managing land-based sources of pollution' out now.

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