Scientific Theme V

Towards Coastal System Sustainability by Managing Land-Ocean Interactions

Balken Theme 5 600 15

St 5 800

Towards coastal system sustainability by managing land-ocean interactions integrates across the other four Scientific Themes, and provides a platform for considering coastal zone development and management (including resource users) in the context of ‘strong’ and ‘weak’ sustainability options. Key issues include:
  • Considering how temporal and spatial scales, including the institutional dimensions, affect scientific and management perspectives of coastal change
  • Classifying and comparing different settings of drivers/pressures in coastal system state interactionsand existing responses using typologies
  • Linking natural, economic and human dimension sciences into ‘futures’ scenarios
  • Developing management response options and participation derived from ‘futures’ scenarios, developed and assessed in collaboration with relevant policy, management and investment communities.

Theme Coordinator: Eva Roth