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Nancy Rabalais (LOICZ SSC Member until 2009) on impact of Gulf oil spill on fish, shrimp, sea turtles

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill of April 2010 will impact sea turtles, fish, marshes, and other wildlife for many years to come. That’s according to biological oceanographer Nancy Rabalais of the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium. EarthSky spoke with her a few days after an explosion on an oil rig sent millions of gallons of crude oil gushing into the Gulf. Read more and listen to the interview with Nancy Rabalais, LOICZ SSC Member until 2009.
Interview with Nancy Rabalais on impact of Gulf oil spill on fish, shrimp, sea turtles

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Rolf Prodöhl (Sprecher) im Interview mit Dr. Hartwig Kremer (LOICZ CEO) und Dr. Juergen Weichselgartner (Senior Science Coordinator)

13.10.2008 XVII Malente Symposium

Interview Hartwig Kremer - 24. Internationales Symposium in Lübeck zum Küstenschutz

" More than Water - Oceans and Global Responsibility" in cooperations with the ZEIT Foundation, Hamburg, and the Cluster of Excellence "The Future Ocean", Kiel Marine Sciences. Lübeck, October 12 to 14,2008

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Conference Program is online!

The conference program for the Storm Surge Congress 2010 is online

Congress on Risk and Management of current and future Storm Surges

13 - 17 September 2010, Hamburg, Germany.

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