Corresponding Members

Last name First name Country of Employment Gender Years appointed Area and focus in terms of parenthood program
Andreeva Elena Russia F ex SSC Economist (IHDP)
Buddemeier Robert USA M ex SSC Typology, Data (cross cutting)
Burbridge Peter UK M ex SSC Management & Engineering (IHDP)
Costanza Robert USA M ex SSC Ecological Economics (IHDP/IGBP)
David Laura Philippines F ex SSC Oceanography, scaling, modeling (IGBP)
De Lacerda Luiz Drude Brazil M ex SSC Trace Metals, River Coast Interaction (IGBP)
Gao Shu China M ex SSC System sediments (IGBP)
Harvey Nicholas Australia M ex SSC Sea level rise, Socio Geography (IGBP/IHDP)
Meybeck Michel France M ex SSC River flux (IGBP)
Perillo Gerardo Argentina M ex SSC Sediments, Oceanography (IGBP)
Smith Stephen USA M ex SSC Biogeochemical budgeting (IGBP)
Snoussi Maria Morocco F ex SSC Geography, river-coast coupling (IGBP)
Syvitski James USA M ex SSC Global sediment and material run off (IGBP)
Thomas Helmut Canada M Coastal Carbon, CO2 exchange (IGBP)
Wulff Fred Sweden M ex SSC Biogeochemical budgeting, Databases (IGBP)
Klein Richard Germany M UGECH, CHECHS

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