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This Topic integrates across the five themes of LOICZ. Its focus is on “coastal communities” to include policy makers, managers and stakeholders and “coastal ecosystems” embracing Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs), coasts and their associated watersheds.

A central feature of the approach is to analyze success factors in bridging ecosystem science and governance. In selected sites, the analysis focuses upon successes and failures in instigating the changes in human behavior (institutions, markets and civil society) that mark the implementation of a coastal ecosystem management initiative. In general, the analysis will examine coastal governance within the context of the next larger system, a watershed, a LME or geographic region.

The analysis will address three central questions:
1. How are overviews of ecosystem condition being developed and trends being communicated?
2. How can coastal ecosystem governance initiatives affect the behavior of societies more effectively?
3. What are the resulting outcomes and how can we improve upon them?

Reports (conferences, workshops, working groups,...)

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