Project Name Asian Delta Project
Acronym ADP
Study Region Asian Deltas
Principal Investigator Yoshiki Saito
Duration April 1, 1996 - future
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The Geological Survey of Japan/AIST has been conducting the Asian Delta Project since 1996 with the cooperation of more than ten research institutes and universities in Asia. Major themes of the project are Holocene delta evolution and impacts of human activities on deltas. This project is currently being carried out jointly with the UNESCO-IUGS (International Union of Geological Sciences) supported program, International Geoscience Programme (IGCP) -475, Deltas in the Monsoon Asia-Pacific region (DeltaMAP) (2003-2007), under the direction of Drs. Steven Goodbred of Vanderbilt University of USA and Yoshiki Saito of GSJ/AIST, and the CCOP project entitled Integrated Geological Assessment for Deltas in Southeast and East Asia (DelSEA Project)(April 2004 - March 2008), leaded by Yoshiki Saito.


We have been surveying the deltas of the following rivers: Huanghe (Yellow), Changjiang (Yangtze), Song Hong (Red), Mekong, and Chao Phraya. Annual scientific meeting on deltas is held since 2004 for networking among delta researchers and capacity building, jointly organized with the DeltaMAP and DelSEA projects. The first and second meetings were held in Bangkok, Thailand and Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam respectively, with about 100 participants from about 20 nations. The third meeting is held in Brunei, January 2006.


Funding Agencies:


Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), and AIST






Title: Depositional facies and radiocarbon ages of a drill core from the Mekong River  lowland near Phnom Penh, Cambodia: evidence for tidal sedimentation at the  time of Holocene maximum flooding.


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Title: Spatial variability in the distribution of lithological characteristics and   chemical elements in the bottom sediments of the South China Sea near the  Mekong and Saigon river deltas.


Authors: Anikiev VV, Shumilin EN, Dudarev OV, et al.


Year: 2004


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Priority Topics:

2 - Assess and predict impact of environmental change on coastal ecosystems


Scientific Themes:

1- Vulnerability of Coastal Systems and Hazards to Society

2 - Implications of Global Change for Coastal Ecosystems and Sustainable Development

3 - Human Influences on River Basin-Coastal Zone Interactions