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Five Research Sites in Southeast Asia constitute the initial thrust of LOICZ integrative efforts. These sites in 1) Indonesia, 2) Malaysia, 3) the Philippines, 4) Thailand and 5) Vietnam, are supported jointly by the South East Asian Centre for START (SARCS), the Netherlands Foundation for the Advancement of Tropical Research (WOTRO) and LOICZ.

The projects as describes below, all address SARCS Immediate Objective 2: to integrate natural - social science assessment of changes in coastal zones. All involve the modelling and synthesis of both biogeochemical and socio-economic data that will be useful not only in characterising the coastal zone processes in the region, but also as test cases for the necessary conceptual and operational development for scaling up to global analysis.


1) Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Banten Bay (Indonesia)


Dr. A. Nontji
Research & Development Centre of Oceanology, (LIPI)
Jl Pasir Putih 1, Ancol Timur
P O Box 580 DAK
Jakarta, 11001, Indonesia
Fax: 62-21-681 948

2) Carbon and Nutrient Fluxes and Socio-Economic Studies of the Merbok Mangrove Ecosystem (Malaysia)


Centre for Marine & Coastal Studies
Universiti Sains Malaysia
Penang, 11800, Malaysia
Fax: 60-4-657 2960


3) Economic Evaluation and Biophysical Modelling of the Marine Environment of Bolinao in Support of Management for Sustainable Use (the Philippines)


Division of Marine Affairs
Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS)
University of Miami
4600 Rickenbacker Causeway

4) Economic Evaluation and Biophysical Modelling of the Impact of Shrimp Farming on the Mangrove Systems of Ban Don Bay (Thailand)


Department of Marine Science
Chulalongkorn University
Phyathai Road
Bangkok, 10330

5) Economic Evaluation Studies of Mangrove Conservation and Rehabilitation in Nam Ha Province (Vietnam)


Center for Natural Resources & Environmental Studies (CRES)
Vietnam National University
91, Nguyen Khuyen St.
Hanoi, Vietnam