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Inprint 2009/1 Inprint 2009/1

- New call for affiliate activities and early stage research – Young LOICZ
- Affiliates: Coastal Management in Thailand – it works if benefits are visible
- PT1: Research Mission to Indonesia – Science and Coastal Snapshot
- PT2: More nutrients – more fish? Hypoxia, Nutrients, Fisheries, and Ecosystems
- SCOPE Biofuels Project: Rapid Assessment on Biofuels and Environment
- Swedish-Vietnamese exchange program uses LOICZ tools
- PT3: LOICZ Session at IHDP Open Congress – Governance counts
- CCA: Great Barrier Reef and its Ecosystem Services
- Deltas at Risk – a mirror of human /environment interaction
- Miscellaneous: SSC – who says good bye, who brings new perspectives?
- LOICZ Activities in China
- Complexity of making science useful – UN Evaluation of the LOICZ Biogeochemistry project
- COSYNA – Coastal Observation System for Northern and Arctic Seas

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LOICZ INPRINT 2009/1 - New call for affiliate activities and early stage research – Young LOICZ - Affiliates: Coastal Management in Thailand – it works if benefits are visible - PT1: Research Mission to Indonesia – Science and Coastal Snapshot - PT2: More nutrients – more fish? Hypoxia, Nutrients, Fisheries, and Ecosystems - SCOPE Biofuels Project: Rapid Assessment on Biofuels and Environment - Swedish-Vietnamese exchange program uses LOICZ tools - PT3: LOICZ Session at IHDP Open Congress – Governance counts - CCA: Great Barrier Reef and its Ecosystem Services - Deltas at Risk – a mirror of human /environment interaction - Miscellaneous: SSC – who says good bye, who brings new perspectives? - LOICZ Activities in China - Complexity of making science useful – UN Evaluation of the LOICZ Biogeochemistry project - COSYNA – Coastal Observation System for Northern and Arctic Seas


LOICZ INPRINT 2008/3: • Scientific Highlight: Sea Level Rise Vulnerability of Southeast Asian Coasts • LOICZ Affiliated Activities: EPOCA – a European research effort to understand ocean acidification • and its consequences • SCOPE workshop on environmental costs and benefits of biofuels • PT1: Integrative Thinking for Complex Futures: Creating Resilience in Human-Nature • Systems • PT2: SCOR/LOICZ/CAS Working Group 132 visited LOICZ IPO: Land-Based Nutrient • Pollution and the Relationship to Harmful Algal Blooms in Coastal Marine Systems • PT2: LOICZ workshop in Chennai: developing nutrient budgets for South Asian coastal • ecosystems and evaluating the ASSETS trophic status index software • Snapshots: Canadian High Arctic and Delta of the Lena river • More than Water – Oceans and Global Responsibility
LOICZ INPRINT 2008/2: • LOICZ SSC needs new enthusiast experts – call is open (deadline is 15 September, 2008) • 19th SSCM in Cape Town: towards the LOICZ interim synthesis and new avenues in science • Host institute director F. Colijn, GKSS, is new Associate Member to the LOICZ SSC • In the biogeochemistry context we feature first steps towards a multiannual budget of the Mediterranean. The LOICZ approach, its implications for scenarios and evaluating institutional response are the background • Linking Nutrients, Eutrophication, and Harmful Algalblooms is focus of the new SCOR, CAS, LOICZ WG 132 • ENCORA and SPICOSA, two high profile affiliated projects in the context of coastal management and networking, are featured and their approach, achievements and perspectives discussed • Socio ecological systems assessment sees two important events with LOICZ participation • Governance baseline assessments in Latin America proceed and EcoCostas and LOICZ are pushing the Train of Trainer and certification approaches • Coastal Snapshots: a new series today featuring “Coastal Burma”.
LOICZ INPRINT 2008/1: • Nutrient fluxes, Eutrophication, Algalblooms; LOICZ elaborates on processes, links and advanced modeling of these still challenging links. • The recent US national estuarine eutrophication assessment looks into ecosystem change applying ASSETS and Typology approaches. • Headways are made in the governance baseline assessments with IAI and IHDP supporting, and a certification program for practitioners takes off in Latin America partnering with EcoCostas. • IASC and LOICZ embark on transdisciplinary coastal change assessment in the Arctic –Humans and Environment – what's at stake? • SCOPE touches upon the critical role of an “exploding” bio economy – the link between biofuel and water quality. • BACC – A Regional Climate Change Assessment for the Baltic Sea Basin is published. The assessment is an example for a type of urgently needed reports helping to put global climate change into regional context.
LOICZ INPRINT 2007/3: LOICZ reaches out to China: East Asian Regional Node opened at YIC in Yantai; China Eastern Normal University, Shanghai, hosts successful IMBER – LOICZ Open Science Meeting. Further in this Newsletter: Coastal vulnerability in a physical, socio-ecological and governance context. The SCOR-LOICZ-IAPSO WG 122 explores multi-scale influences on estuarine resilience, sediment dynamics and hydrology. Combined knowledge-action systems and ways for integrated socio-ecological systems analysis are focus in LOICZ Topic 1. [...]
LOICZ INPRINT 2007/2: 18. LOICZ SSC Meeting in Vancouver, Canada, 29 May–1 June, 2007. Elucidate and assess the role of scientific information for governance and governance baselines in the context of coastal land and sea use. Evaluate science and stakeholder perspectives in socio-ecological systems. [...]
LOICZ INPRINT 2007/1: Coastal Zones are complex socio-ecological systems, delivery and sustainability of goods and services are dependant on functions and processes which are under increasing anthropogenic and climatic influence. Biogeochemical fluxes are key indicators mirroring land-based activities and potential scales for social response. [...]
LOICZ INPRINT 2006/3: The IPO and SSC wish you all a happy and successful New Year. We thank you for great LOICZ work in 2006 and look forward to even more good collabortation and new and exiting LOICZ Science in 2007.
LOICZ INPRINT 2006/2: LOICZ gains momentum at new location – Cutting edge coastal science was presented during a one day national symposium LOICZ held at the new GKSS host Institute for Coastal Research. The international SSC met in parallel and engaged closely with the German colleagues. [...]
LOICZ INPRINT 2006/1: LOICZ IPO at Institute for Coastal Research, Dynamics and change of beach erosion, accretion and nourishment in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Key topics identified for implementation of LOICZ future research, News from the LOICZ Regional Nodes, LOICZ at ESSP, November 2006, China, The backbone of LOICZ: affiliated projects and call for research proposal, What’s on the wwweb, Have you seen, Publications and Calendar.
LOICZ INPRINT 2005/3: LOICZ IPO and Royal NIOZ: a happy, beneficial and fruitful relationship for 13 years, Highlights of Dutch Coastal Zone Research-Long term ferry observations in the Marsdiep [...]
LOICZ INPRINT 2005/2: “Coast and Coastal People – Scenarios of Change and Response” Report on the LOICZ II Inaugural Open Science Meeting June 2005, APN report on Global Change and Coastal Zone Management – wrapping up 10 years [...]
LOICZ INPRINT 2005/1: LOICZ AfriCat 1-Coastal impacts of damming and water abstraction in African catchments, Impacts of the fluvial sediment inputs and channel morphology in the mobility of the Rhone delta coast during Holocene and recent periods [...]
LOICZ INPRINT 2004/4: A global database for coastal vulnerability analysis (DINAS COAST), Groundwater and Nutrient inputs into the Upper Gulf of Thailand, Meeting reports on: SCOR Meeting on Marine Project Coordination, Italy, ELOISE Meeting in Slovenia and UNEP-DEWA AEO-2 workshop in Kenya, New Regional IPO Node in Sri Lanka, IPO Notes: publications, announcements and meetings.
LOICZ INPRINT 2004/3: Danube basin, Land-Ocean Interaction & Integrated management in Oder/Odra estuary, “Zukunft Kueste-Coastal Futures” A German contribution to LOICZ Research, IPO Notes: CZAP meeting report & announcements.
LOICZ INPRINT 2004/2: The Coast is Clearing CO2, Si-WEBS, a European Network for the Study of Si Fluxes on Continental margins, report from 15th LOICZ SSC meeting, meeting reports on IOI workshop and Crisis in Global Governance conference, IPO notes with new SSC members, Seeking new home for LOICZ IPO, Have you seen, What’s on the WWWeb and Meeting calendar.
LOICZ INPRINT 2004/1: Global Nutrient Export from Watersheds (Global NEWS), IGBP SC approves in principle the "New" LOICZ draft Science Plan/Implementation Strategy & IHDP SC considers scientific partnership with LOICZ, AfriCat I Synthesis & Futures Meeting, Mombasa, Kenya in February 2004 [...]
LOICZ INPRINT 2003/4: Arctic Coastal Dynamic (ACD)- A new LOICZ Regional Project, LaguNet: the Italian Lagoon Observational Network, New SCOR-LOICZ-IAPSO Working Group 122 launched, " Studying Land Use effects in Coastal Zones with Remote Sensing and GIS" [...]
LOICZ INPRINT 2003/3: Coastal biogeochemistry at the EGS-AGU-EUG Joint Assembly, Nice, France, 6-11 April 2003, 'Catchment2Coast' linking coastal resources variability and river inputs in Africa, On the way to synthesis: [..]
LOICZ INPRINT 2003/2: DINAS-COAST: Developing a Method and a Tool for Dynamic and Interactive Vulnerability Assessment, Introduction of the New LOICZ SSC members, Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research, SCOR, a new funder for LOICZ targeted scientific research [...]
LOICZ INPRINT 2003/1: Catchment-Coastal Zone interactions: LOICZ Basins and Eurocat, LOICZ-START " AfriCat" foundation project-coastal impacts of damming in Africa, European Land Ocean Interaction Studies on the edge [...]
LOICZ INPRINT 2002/4: Understanding the biocatalic sand filter in the shelf, The Future of LOICZ-Status & perspectives, IPO Notes, What's on the WWWeb, Publication's & Meetings. Newsletter Reader Survey.
LOICZ INPRINT 2002/3: A report from the workshop on Land-Ocean Interactions in China Seas, Coastal Change and the Anthropocene- LOICZ Synthesis & Futures Meeting, LOICZ Synthesis, LOICZ Futures, IPO Notes, What's on the WWWeb, LOICZ Publications, Calendar & Meetings.
LOICZ INPRINT 2002/2: The use of scenarios in integrated environmental assessment of coastal-catchment zones: the Humber Estuary, U.K., Coastal Changes and the Anthropocene - LOICZ Synthesis and Futures meeting, [...]
LOICZ INPRINT 2002/1: Land Ocean Interaction in Africa - the current status of the LOICZ regional assessment and synthesis, Dutch LOICZ and associated research, IGBP Integration and New Quanta, " Coastal Change and the Anthropocene" LOICZ Synthesis and Futures Meeting, IGBP Science Series Publication, Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone: Special Issue.
LOICZ INPRINT 2001/4: Carbon-nitrogen-phosphorus fluxes in the coastal zone: the LOICZ approach to global assessment, and scaling issues with available data, Sustainability and Human Use of Coastal Systems, Literature Review: [...]
LOICZ INPRINT 2001/3: Gloabal change in the coastal zone: The case of South-east Asia, Supply and Flux of sediment along hydrological pathways: Anthropogenic influences at the global scale, WHAT'S ON THE WWWEB.
LOICZ INPRINT 2001/2: Marine Typology down-under, LOICZ/CZMC Delta Project: Improving the Planning and Management of Modified Mega-Deltas, SURVAS Synthesis and Upscaling of Sea-level Rise Vulnerability Assessment Studies, GIWA News, [...]
LOICZ INPRINT 2001/1: LOICZ Group Investigates Groundwater Discharge in Australia, SCOR/LOICZ Working Group 112, PAGES-LOICZ Workshop on Coastal Records of Sea-Lever and Climate Variability over the last 2000 years, IGBP Water-Sediment [...]
LOICZ INPRINT 2000/4: LOICZ Integration and Synthesis, LOICZ Synthesis: The Book, The Global International Waters Assessment Methology Protocol, First Announcements and Calls for Papers.
LOICZ INPRINT 2000/3: Integrated Ecological Economic Modelling of the Patuxent River Watershed, Maryland, The continental shelf pump: a pilot study in the North Sea, Estuarine Systems of East Asia, African and Indian Ocean Estuaries, LOICZ AfriBASINS I workshop, Capacity Building and Training, IGBP Futures, Good response for Special Issue Journals.
LOICZ INPRINT 2000/2: Typology: Low-budget remote sensing, Nutrient budgets and modelling in South Asia, LOIRA Project, Coastal GOOS Plan, Focus 4 Human Dimensions Developments, Funding successes support LOICZ, [..]
LOICZ INPRINT 2000/1: The threat mud poses to the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, SURVAS holds successful workshop, Submarine Groundwater Discharge - intercalibration of methods, Global Change and Continental Aquatic Systems, [...]
LOICZ INPRINT 1999/4: Changes in Mississippi River Nutrient Fluxes and Consequences for the Northern Gulf of Mexico Coastal Ecosystem, Silica a key factor, LOICZ strengthens links with East Asia, SARCS-WOTRO-LOICZ (SWOL) Phase I Final Synthesis meeting and workshop, LOICZ-UNEP South American Estuaries Workshop, [...]
LOICZ INPRINT 1999/3: Estimation of the Nutrient inputs into medium and large River Basins - A case study for German Rivers, Making Science useful - Exploiting Scientific products and fostering a European Strategy for ICZM, UNEP-GEF Vital Support for LOICZ, More Budgets.....Central America and South East Asia, [...]
LOICZ INPRINT 1999/2: LOICZ Status and Progress, IGBP Congress Japan, Coastal - GOOS and LOICZ, Groundwater Contributions to Coastal Biogeochemical Flux Budgets, LOICZ in the Caribbean - strengthening regional links through IOC, Socio-economic aspects of fluxes of chemicals into the marine environment, LOICZ in South Asia [...]
LOICZ INPRINT 1999/1: The impact of economic activities on biogeochemical cycling in Lingayen Gulf, northern Philippines: A preliminary synthesis, Submarine Groundwater Discharge: Gloabal Assessment, More Estuarine Budgets from Australasia, [...]
LOICZ INPRINT 1998/4: The river basin dimension of coastal zone research, START-Oceania Inaugural Meeting, European river basins addressed, ELOISE and LOICZ strengthen links, LOICZ Publications, LOICZ Calendar, IPO Staff, Fourth LOICZ Open Science Meeting - First Announcement, ELOISE Open Science Meeting, Other Meetings.
LOICZ INPRINT 1998/3: Rising CO2 and Marine Calcification, Have you seen....., LOICZ Liaison Officer, Announcements, Available LOICZ Reports and Publications, LOICZ Calendar, Other Meetings, IPO Staff
LOICZ INPRINT 1998/2: New Executive Officer for LOICZ on line, Deputy Executive Officer for LOICZ, Thoughts on standing down from the SSC, Integrating Natural and Social Sciences in the Coastal Zone - the SARCS/WOTRO/LOICZ approach, From the Chair, Announcements, LOICZ Calendar, Other Meetings, IPO Staff, New LOICZ publications
LOICZ INPRINT 1998/1: Linking the natural sciences with the social sciences Corals, Carbon Dioxide and co-operation LOICZ and coastal research in Australia Mangroves and Salt marshes Goodbye from our project scientist From the Chair New LOICZ Publications IPO Staff LOICZ Calendar LOICZ Typology dataset
LOICZ INPRINT 1997/4: 3rd Open Science Meeting Successful Lindeboom New SSC Chair LOICZ, the Way Forward Five Core Projects New Executive Officer Wanted New SSC Members New LOICZ Publications IPO STAFF LOICZ Calendar Coastal Typolgy Database
LOICZ INPRINT 1997/3: Successful Workshop on Mexico Lagoons Coastal Oceanography Coastal Vulnerability Assessment LOICZ Open Science Meeting 1997 IOC Global Directory New LOICZ Publications CPO STAFF CPO Credits
LOICZ INPRINT 1997/2: LOICZ Workshop on Typology LOICZ Open Science Meeting Development of LOICZ Integrated Modelling Guidelines LOICZ Workshop in Norwich, UK on Integrated Modelling Guidelines New Scientific Journal New Publication New LOICZ Publications CPO STAFF LOICZ 1997 Calendar
LOICZ INPRINT 1997/1: Coastal Seas - A Carbon Source or Sink New Executive Officer for LOICZ LOICZ Project Info Requested LOICZ OSM3 CMTT & Lagos Workshop Results Coastal Typology: The Globalisation Challenge Integration Workshop Successful LOICZ 1997 Calendar LOICZ Who's Who New LOICZ Publications CPO Credits
LOICZ INPRINT 1996/1: LOICZ Status and History LOICZ - Why? Coastal Facts and Consequences LOICZ Research Strategy LOICZ Research Nodes LOICZ Core Research Sites Socio-Economic and Natural Sciences Integration LOICZ Who's Who New LOICZ Publications CPO Credits. Issues are available here as on-line graphics (GIF files):