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Get answers to your important questions on global change in coastal zones with the help of LOICZ experts. Our “Ask an Expert” feature connects you with LOICZ Scientist of diverse fields of expertise, who are prepared to respond to your questions on a wide variety of topics: biology, chemistry and physics of the coastal zone and also social, political and economic sciences in order to address the human dimensions of changing coastal zones. Below is a list of topics with the participating LOICZ SSC Members who are experts in those areas. "Ask an Expert" aims to facilitate communication between journalists, researchers and academics. Find the right contact who can help with your query.
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First Name Last Name Affiliation I am an expert for:
Remi Laane Deltares/UvA Biogeochemical processes in coastal zone Acidification water quality modelling Monitoring
Tim Carruthers University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science Global seagrass trends Ecosystem condition assessments Science synthesis and communication Seagrass ecology
Eric Wolanski Australian Institute of Marine Science and James Cook University Estuarine and coastal water ecohydrology (oceanography, sediment dynamics, heavy metal pollution, nutrient fluxes, ecosystem modelling) Coral reef ecohydrology The environment in Asia Pacific harbours Mangrove ecohydrology East africa savannah ecohydrology
Masumi Yamamuro The University of Tokyo Nitrogen cycle through benthic ecosystem (i.e. coral reefs, seagrass, filter-feeding bivalves).
Marion Glaser Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology Social ecological systems analysis for sustainable human-nature relations Small island fisheries and reefs in Indonesia Marine and coastal protected area management (Brazil and Indonesia) Stakeholder involvement/participatory research
Marc Pelling King's College London Urban governance of adaptation to climate change and disaster risk management
Alice Newton Eutrophication Coastal lagoons Capacity building Science-Policy (WFD, MSFD, OSPAR)
Valerie Cummins Maritime and Energy Research Campus and Commercial Cluster, University College Cork Integrated Coastal Zone Management Maritime Clusters Sustainability Science and Capacity Building Coastal Governance and Marine Spatial Planning Adaptive Co Management and Public Participation