LOICZ Scientific Steering Committee

The Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) provides guidance to the Chair on project planning, development and implementation. The sponsoring programs nominate SSC members based on the recommendations of the SSC, and the SSC appoints two Vice-Chairs, one liaising IGBP and one representing IHDP.

The primary functions of the SSC are to:

• Oversee and guide the continued project development, planning and implementation as well as the delivery of project outputs
• Encourage collaboration between LOICZ, the ESSP, and international programs and agencies concerned with global change in the coastal zone
• Provide scientific advice and assistance to national Global Change and ESSP Committees
• Encourage national governments and regional and international funding agencies to support research that contributes to the LOICZ SPIS.

Executive Board

Ramachandran Ramesh (Chairperson)
Bruce Glavovic (Vice chairperson)
Marion Glaser
Mark Pelling

The executive board of the SSC is assisted by one member from the IPO:

Hartwig Kremer

    Surname Name Details
    Agboola Julius Ibukun More details
    Carruthers Tim More details
    Chen Zhongyuan More details
    Cummins Valerie More details
    Day, Jr John W. More details
    Forbes Donald L. More details
    Glaser Marion More details
    Glavovic Bruce More details
    Lin Jiun-Chuan More details
    Nymand Larsen Joan More details
    Pelling Mark More details
    Ramachandran - LOICZ Chairperson Ramesh More details
    Roy Joyashree More details
    Wolanski Eric More details